We All Need To Be Climate Positive

  • Solar energy: this energy is said to be the cleanest form of energy. It makes use of energy captured from sunlight via solar panels placed either on the ground or on the roof of buildings to generate electricity for individuals, households, businesses, and more. It has been said that an hour of solar power striking the earth can power the globe for one year.
  • Wind Energy: Wind energy is the process by which energy is generated by the use of wind turbines. Most countries like China, Germany, India, and the UK make use of Wind turbines to generate their electricity. It’s also a pure form of energy that does not harm the earth. Wind energy is currently the cheapest form of energy one can afford and it is very sustainable.
  • Biomass Energy: this is a kind of energy generated using organic materials like plants, wood, and waste. Sweden is one of the countries that make use of biomass to generate energy. It was even said at one point that Sweden ran out of waste and had to resort to waste importation from other countries to help in its energy generation.
  1. Minimize use and switch off electrical appliances when not in use.
  2. Embrace green food preservation methods
  3. Use only reusable means of packaging items.
  4. Plant trees
  5. Volunteer for sustainable living causes.
  6. Spread the gospel of sustainable living and climate positivity.



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