REES Africa Organizes “Walk the Climate Change Talk” in Ibadan

The effects of Climate Change is evident in our world today and it is really saddening that most people do not necessarily know the reason for its occurrence as it is believed that these are signs that the world is about to end. On the contrary, Climate Change spans from our actions and habits from generating greenhouse gases to inappropriate waste disposal. We can only make moves to promote the state of our planet, with collective efforts and an undying urge to make better and informed choices; we believe we can make a change.

Climate change is real is what REES (Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability) drove home and seven little actions that can mitigate the effects of climate change as we led the second edition of Walk the climate change talk in Ibadan alongside several sustainability-oriented partners and sponsors — Alluvia Unique Concepts and Eleven Eleven Twelve Foundation.

The five-kilometer walk tagged ‘walk the climate change talk’ commenced on the 20th of October, 2018 at Efunsetan Roundabout, Challenge area, Ibadan Oyo state.. The walk was aimed at sensitizing the communicants ranging from market people to residents on ways to help the planet by inculcating sustainable lifestyle practices in their day-to-day activities.

Strategic partners featuring the Oyo state government, Ministry of Environment and water resources, OYOWMA, Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Recycle Garb, WestAfrican ENRG, Clean Edge, Oluyole Local Government and a number of other green organisations were in attendance and showed support in educating the masses on the subject of environmental sustainability. The walk had about seventy individuals in attendance engaging the public in one on one sensitization about the effects of climate change and how their little actions could influence their environment.

The walk commenced at about 11am; and after reciting the second stanza of the Nigerian Anthem, a seven-minute speech on climate change was rendered by Mr. Salaf (Scientist, climate change unit) representing the commissioner of Environment and water resources. Flyers made from climate-friendly sources were shared in English and Yoruba. Placards gotten from cartons were also displayed to aid recycling and were used to communicate with the audience we could not have one on one interaction with.

Climate friendly sourced flyers distributed to communicants in English and Yoruba
Cartons were used as placards to show that we practice what we preach
Even Bike men and teenagers were not left out in taking Climate Action
We engaged in small cleanups to show how actions can make a difference

In totality, hundreds of people in Challenge area of Ibadan (illiterates and literates alike) were reached out to-of which most knew nothing about climate change. The walk came to an end at Odo ona Elewe Area of Ibadan after four hours of waste and dirt picking, sensitization, chants and passer-by education in Climate Change. The advocacy for climate change can be very frustrating but it is very critical and important that individuals take actions that ultimately alleviate the effects of Climate Change irrespective of status or statistics.

More Pictures of our engagements

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