Let’s Talk about this Our Lagos Flooding

  1. The government needs to start working on building proper drainages in places that lack them and increase the size of narrow ones.
  2. This is not an easy option but people living in houses built on waterways need to evacuate so that the Government can demolish these structures to build waterways
  3. We all need to start taking our waste disposal measures seriously. Clean your space and while doing that, make sure you’re not transferring the hazard somewhere else.
  4. We need to take charge of our environment by organizing street sanitation exercises, sensitizing others to do the right thing and enforcing sustainable measures to keep our environment clean at all times.
  5. Rural areas that are inaccessible should have a sustainable disposal channel set up by the government like waste trucks.
  6. The government needs to come up with strict policies and regulations to help manage the increasing improper disposal methods in the city.
  7. Government and other agencies need to fund and follow up research to find solutions to the recurring floods in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria.



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