International World Water Day — A Call for a Celebration or a Resolve?

Source: Water Crisis in Africa

A Focus on Africa

As water crisis hit SA, major cities like Cape Town were not left out. Source: The JP

The Significance of Water Scarcity, Unclean or Unsafe Water

At what instances does the lack of clean, safe water give Africa a nosedive?

One pic — a thousand words for food, agriculture, forestry and humanity.

How Did We Get To Water Scarcity, Unclean And Unsafe Water?

Climate change


In my tribe, there is a saying. “Ihe ọjọọ gbaa afọ ọ bụrụ omenala,” which translates to “when a bad habit is left unchecked over a year, it becomes part of the culture.” As Africans, we have been doing a lot of things regularly that affect our water resources — they are now part of us we almost don’t want to adapt to another type of normal. Let’s change some of those things!

If only governments will do more. Source: Africa Public Health

Conclusion — Tragedy of the Commons Reversed

In the course of speaking for the environment, everything is about today and the future, none is neglected for the other. Bearing that in mind, as we celebrate International World Water Day today, we should bear in mind that whatever actions we take to ensure that we have healthy drinking water today, is something our children and their children will be grateful for. We will be regarded as the generation that strived, by all means, to ensure that everybody gets clean water.



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