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Green businesses are the most sustainable forms of business for profitability, corporate social responsibility and fulfilment. They utilize operating models that every forward-thinking entrepreneur should practice.

To make it easy for you to make your decisions, we’ve compiled a list of a few green business ideas every aspiring or practicing entrepreneur should consider.

Solar installation

Many consumers are seeking alternative clean energy sources and solar energy tops the list of clean energy sources. In tropical areas like Nigeria where power outages are still rampant, a solar installation business would receive high patronage from both households and businesses and ultimately generate revenue. You could go into solar panel designing, construction, installation or sales as there would always be a need for these products are services.

Upcycling and Recycling Business

An upcycling business transforms old and sometimes unwanted items into unique and new products. The process ranges from simple changes such as painting or parts replacement to more complex transformations. It all depends on your creativity and skills. Recycling on the other hand gives used products a second life with new owners. You could start a business where people sell or donate their old furniture, plastics, books, electronics etc and you sell to others. Alternatively, the items could be sold to companies that can convert them into other products.

Green Farming and Sales

Green farmers engage in the production of crops through natural and non-invasive processes. In addition to local foods, they produce desirable herbs, spices, bees, worms, organic fertilizer and compost. Many green farmers need vendors to assist in selling off their produce. alternatively, you can become a registered vendor by collecting diverse supplies from credible or certified local green farmers in your area and selling them to customers.

Green Nutrition/Catering

This is a great business that would appeal to vegans, fitness, health and wellness enthusiasts and lovers of natural foods and ingredients. It is much easier to achieve when you connect with the green farmers and vendors in your area for regular supplies. You must remember to use eco-friendly produce, cooking methods, packaging, minimum waste and efficient disposal methods. As a nutritionist, you can advise clients on how to eat healthily, achieve their diet goals and protect the environment at the same time.

Green Beauty Business

The natural hair and beauty products trend is not just a phase but an unending sustainability-inclined movement. Sustainability enthusiasts will patronize a saloon or spa that uses natural/organic shampoos, creams, polishes, cosmetics and treatments knowing how important it is to their health and the safety of the environment. Customers have various needs, body features and choices, and you will always need to improve your products to meet the required standards. In a world where cancers and other side effects of harmful chemical use are rising, you really should consider the healthier alternative.

Thrift store

We All know the strain fast fashion places on our resources in addition to the waste it generates due to the high turnover rate. A Thrift store is a great idea to sell used clothes at affordable rates instead of throwing them away. You should ensure that your clothes are well-cleaned, treated and sold in good condition. With social media and digital marketing, you can easily connect with your suppliers and buyers for seamless transactions. With a good marketing strategy, it’s possible to operate without a physical store.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Discarded plastic bags contribute to the solid waste in landfills and put a strain on our resources. Many companies require sustainable packaging material producers. You could go into the production of branded sustainable, biodegradable and reusable packaging materials for these companies. In addition, you can have a unique brand of sustainable gift-wrapping sheets.

Cleaning Services/Products

Many of the detergents and cleaning agents people use have harmful impacts on the environment. The chemical ingredients are sometimes dangerous to the environment and the plastic containers are oftentimes not disposed of properly. A green cleaning business will prioritize safety by using harmless cleaning agents and safe handling practices. This goes for laundry, dishwashing, floor and surface cleaning products and services.

Green App Designing

Digital platforms make so many processes easier and faster with little or no environmental waste. It enhances connectivity and helps to generate data that can facilitate research, policies and innovations. Amongst other regular uses, green apps can be useful for education, connecting people with similar needs, waste monitoring, collection, recycling and disposal. They help people achieve their business and personal goals sustainably without harming the environment.

Green consultancy

Many businesses, households, governments and organizations need ideas to make their processes more energy-efficient, generate less waste and implement recycling schemes. It takes a lot of research, hard work and professional experience to implement sustainability strategies in business. You can start by building your knowledge, carve a niche for yourself and then get certified so you can offer consultancy services.

Eco-Friendly Investing

There are many for-profit businesses and not-for-profit projects that promote green ideas. You could consider showing your support for the course by investing in such projects or businesses for profit or as a corporate social responsibility. Creating opportunities and empowering people to achieve their goals is a sustainable investment that provides Fulfillment and some profit.

Green Influencing

Social media has proven to be a great tool with limitless benefits. Influencing has transformed the marketing landscape for the better. Green Influencers utilize their skills to create awareness and promote eco-friendly practices and brands. It’s a proven way to promote environmental sustainability, green products, and brands/strategies and earn some income at the same time.

The list of business ideas is inexhaustible; you could talk about turning waste into art, green landscaping, composting, equipment design, poultry farming and so much more. While there’s no promise of an easy way to achieve these, the environmental impact and Fulfillment it brings are undeniable. So, start putting your green ideas on paper, drafting your plans and taking all the necessary steps to Go Green!

Photo: Our own startup

Writer: Christiana Ugbem

Photo: Our own startup
Writer: Christiana Ugbem



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