Earth Day 2020

REES Africa

Beautiful Earth (What a Marvellous Thing)

What a wonderful joy it is to see,
The beauty of nature and its majesty.

Everything blends, entwines and embraces,
Spaced precisely in their designated places.

What a marvel to see, I wish I were a bee,
Flying free,
Smelling life’s roses, no particular place to be.

How can it be, such a marvel to see

When it’s possessed by such as you and me?

Ours to have, cherish, and protect,
Not to pollute, take for granted, nor neglect.

Enjoy the earth, treat it kind
After all it is ours, yes… yours and mine.

This poem by Kathye D. Perry is an imaginary depiction of how the relationship between humans and Mother Earth should be. However, instead of smelling life’s roses, most of what we can smell are dirt and environmental pollutions taking a nap at our natural habitats.



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REES Africa

REES Africa

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